Kala Cotton (Black Cotton)

What is Kala Cotton?

Kala Cotton (Black Cotton) is the original and pure old world cotton of India. Farmers and weavers in Kutch, India came together to make cloth from the scratch using Kala cotton.

Kala cotton is organic cotton in true sense. The farmers do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers when growing this rain-fed crop having a high tolerance for disease and pests. It requires minimal investment. It is resilient and resurgent in difficult land conditions. It forms a strong, coarse, stretchable fiber that is often used in denim. It is difficult to produce fine quality textiles with it, due to its short staple length that translates to fewer twists per inch of yarn, therefore over time its use has diminished significantly in mainstream markets.

Why Kala Cotton?

Kala cotton is a raw material which is locally grown, environment-friendly and has the potential to create social value. Local weavers have been convinced of the great value of Kala cotton which is quite challenging to weave into a product, requiring a change in loom set-up and differing yields and shafts.

An NGO named ‘Khamir’ has started the ‘Kala Cotton Initiative’ which aims to create a value chain at multiple levels with small communities and promoting locally grown species.

We @GingerBandar would like to support this Kala cotton initiative and bring to you organic cotton products which are skin-friendly and inspire you to be a part of the change for good.

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