Recycled Plastic Products

Hands can create but the mind can recreate. While creating is an art, recreating is responsible art. In recreating one has to extract from what is already created, the very essence of it and spin it around to take on a new form of creation.

Why the recycled (recreated) plastic products?

Well if you are an environment enthusiast this will certainly excite you, if you care about sustainable art this will ascertain your care for the right thing, and if you are neither it will still be worth reading to know why we at GingerBandar present these products to you.

We lay emphasis on two words ‘Recycled Plastic’ because of the existence of two words ‘Plastic Waste’.

Plastic waste as we all know takes years and years to degrade preventing the soil from being used productively, harms the ecosystem, pollutes land and sea water, becomes the toxic food for marine and domestic animals, releases carcinogenic toxic pollutants  in the air when burned.

The percentage of plastic waste in the municipal solid waste stream in the U.S. increased to 12 percent in 2008 from less than 1 percent in 1960. In 2008, the total amount of plastic waste in the U.S. was approximately 30 million tons, including 13 million tons of plastic packaging, and containers, 11 million tons of durable plastic products and the remaining 6 million tons categorized as non-durable plastic items.


Solving the plastic problem – one bag at a time

The heart inspires one to think to solve a problem which you feel so passionately about. To solve this whole frustration of increasing your carbon footprint and managing tons of small plastic bags every time, what if you had one bag to change that whole perspective around.

As a part of our way to contribute in the recycling of plastic waste and bring forth a valuable product we joined an initiative at an NGO in India, Gujarat that works with artisans to create a handmade recycled plastic product.

These artisans hand-weave strips of plastic to create bags and pouches. It’s a women led initiative wherein the waste plastic is collected and segregated, the plastic collected is washed and hung dry, it is then cut into strips and weaved together into sheets. The artisans use these sheets to create multi-purpose plastic bags, 3 in 1 pouches which fit in together and also wristlets and wallets.

These plastic bags are your personal solution to the plastic waste problem. These bags can be your grocery bag, your beach bag, your hand-bag/purse for travel, your kid’s diaper bag, mommies bag for kid’s essentials, bag to carry for swimming, bag to take to the gym, yoga bag etc.

When you invest in a recycled bag like this you are investing in a greener environment, saving yourself from a ton of plastic and contributing to waste, encouraging and empowering the artisans, and being a part of a conscious society that is for its people.

There is more- this bag isn’t just functional it is also a good-looking bag which comes in various color combinations. These are designed by artists who can combine aesthetics with function.

This is why we @GB strongly believe and want to reinforce the use of these products which are not only useful, good-looking, colorful but also have a higher purpose and encourage us to do our bit for our world. This not only supports the artisans monetarily but also encourages their broad thinking, principles and inspires more to think like them. Unity brings about change to make the world a better place for everyone.

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