Three scarfs created with Bandhani(Tie-n-Dye) process


Bandhani - the famous ‘Tie-n-Dye’ craft technique is one of GB’s favorite craftwork and this craft truly represents an artist’s vision of cloth and color. Bandhani as we see it is essentially how one can fill color even in the smallest of a spot and how when all these spots are brought together create a beautiful pattern of color combinations shining through. It’s a craft that is a unique combination of solidarity in isolation and beauty in unity.

It’s a complete handmade craft, and the perspective that we attach to it is;

How it challenges us to think, how a color (life, happiness, kindness, gratitude) can be inserted in the smallest spot (focus) and also how all these spots can come together in the entire cloth to create a beautiful colorful pattern of dots (looking at the bigger picture).

This is how we see life and speak about it through these crafts that we support. Be the best you can and the world will join you to weave a beautiful fabric around you.

We work with some great Bandhani (Tie-n-Dye) artisans in India, Gujarat who bring forth their imagination of color and the potential of one color to spread across an entire piece of cloth along with other colors combined to enhance its beauty. Some of these artists are pioneers of their work, they work with diligence on every piece of cloth and every piece of cloth tells a story. This story revolves around the significance of every color in every dot there is on the textile.

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