Let's get started!

You are wondering why there is another site trying to sell you products, and wondering why such a site has a blog post which is not only about its products. Well, those blog posts will come in due time, but first – I would like to take this opportunity to tell a story. The story of why GingerBandar exists.  

They say entrepreneurship runs in the blood of the folks that are originally natives of Rajasthan, the state in India my family is originally from. I assumed those sayings are just sayings, and went about trying to not start a business (at least till I was “settled” in life). A series of unfortunate events led to me being out of work (read: unable to work due to VISA issues), and the calling to start a business took over. 

So, the story of GingerBandar is a story of lemons - the metaphorical ones, like the kind life gives you. I went about trying to make Lemonade. They say business is not easy, well – tell me about it. It has been a long year of finding the right idea, finding the right products, finding the right suppliers, finding the right domain name, finding the right web hosting solution, finding the right theme, choosing the right images, and finding the right words for this blog post.

But, it’s finally here. After a bunch of starts, I believe this one is the right start. So, welcome to GingerBandar – and hope you like it here!

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