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What we do

GingerBandar is your new awesome stop to shop for the stylish, most unique and artistic home and fashion accessories.
We promise you the ‘WOW’ Moment!
We have a bunch of amazing products for you to buy, and we are only getting started!
Curious about our name, we got the story below!

Behind our name

"Bandar kya Jaane Adrak ka Swaad”

This Indian proverb is one of our favorites, and is transliterated as “What does a monkey know about the taste of ginger?” Of course the transliteration doesn’t mean much – and there are multiple explanations. The meaning that I attach to this proverb is that “One who is not introduced (or acquainted), will not appreciate.”

So, at GingerBandar (Bandar = hindi word for Monkey), we aim to introduce and acquaint you with unique (and often rare) arts and artifacts. We will do the running around, find the artisans, curate and introduce these products to a global audience. From traditional designs spanning back centuries, to modern pieces reflecting you – we will introduce to you pieces of art, or home décor or jewelry – that you will cherish. So check out our products, and get introduced to a world of amazing – which we are sure you will appreciate.

P.S: The jury is still out if Monkeys do in fact like the taste of Ginger – if we were braver we would try it the next time we see a Monkey

Who we are

I am Priyam Roongta. I am an engineer by education, budding product manager and an entrepreneur running a socially conscious business.

I got my engineering degree from Mumbai, India then came to the US to do my master's in Engineering Management from George Washington University.

I enjoy interacting with various people on any occasion or meeting, I love my yoga and meditation practice, in my daytime along with doing my business activities I like to cook and decorate my home.