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Rooster- 16x16 inches Wool Modern Art Animal Cover

Rooster- 16x16 inches Wool Modern Art Animal Cover

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Here you can check out our modern art cat design called 'Rooster'.

Get Rooster to sit on your couch or chair and feel the difference.

Size: 16x16 inch square

Note: Get 2 inches bigger inserts like 18x18 inches to fill in the corners and make the cushion nice and fluffy. 

Material: Wool on sturdy cotton.

Clean: Dry-clean and spot-clean. If required light-hand-wash using the right woolencleanser and hang dry. 

These are well made hand-embroidered cushion covers from 'Kashmir' the northern-most state of India. We directly work with our artisans in Kashmir who use the chain-stitch hand-embroidering technique to make beautiful patterns on cloth. They do so using different colored woolen and silk threads. This kind of work is called the 'Aari' embroidery achieved by the use of a traditional needle called the 'Aari' . It could take an artisan from a day to about a week's time to finish making one cover.

They work with various designs including the traditional patterns and the more evolved inspirational modern art designs.They make animals, birds, leaves, flowers, traditional intricate patterns, tribal and abstract designs. The newer modern art designs seen today in their work involve faces, quirky modern cats, music, emotions, and Picasso like designs. The modern art forms are influenced by famous artists such as Picasso and Alfred Gockel.

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